Pro-Tint Two Way Visibility Window Films
Commercial and Residential Applications
Pro-Tint two way visibility window films offers you clear two
way viewing from the inside or outside of your home or
business. This is a transparent film applied directly to the
windows of a residence or storefront  to form a protective
barrier against the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Clear views - both day and night
  • Reduces interior fading
  • Virtually transparent
Energy Control Data Sheet
Total Solar Energy Rejected        24.0%
Total UV Rejection                       99.0%
Visible Light Transmittance          72.2%
Shading Coefficient                      0.87
Visible Light Reflectance (Int.)          6%
Visible Light Reflectance (Ext.)         7%
Pro-Tint Two Way Neutral Film 24" x 25'
Pro-Tint Two Way Neutral Film 36" x 25'
Pro-Tint Two Way Neutral Film 60" x 25'
Pro-Tint Two Way Neutral Film 24" x 50'
Pro-Tint Two Way Neutral Film 36" x 50'
Pro-Tint Two Way Neutral Film 60" x 50'
Pro-Tint Two Way Neutral Film 24" x 100'
Pro-Tint Two Way Neutral Film 36" x 100'
Pro-Tint Two Way Neutral Film 60" x 100'
Fading Problems?
There are six factors affecting fabric:
  1. Ultraviolet Light
  2. Visible Light
  3. Heat and Humidity
  4. Chemical Vapors (including ozone)
  5. Age of Fabric
  6. Dye Fastness
This virtually clear window film will reject up to 98% of solar ultraviolet light. Our exposure to UV radiation
today is higher than ever before, as the ozone layer is gradually depleting. With less atmospheric
ozone, a higher level of UV light now reaches the earth's surface.
The UV region of the spectrum is divided into three sections: UVA, UVB and UVC. As UVC is normally
absorbed by the atmosphere, it does not cause health hazards like UVA and UVB.
  • UVA rays account for about 95% of all energy. UVA rays don't cause painful sunburns, but their
    effect are long-lasting. They can pass through glass and cause permanent harm to our skin.
  • UVB affects the skin's outer layers and is believed to be the main cause of sunburns, skin ageing
    and skin cancer.
No window film can eliminate fading. It can, offer maximum protection from fading due to solar ultraviolet
light and solar heat.
Our window films are self adhesive and applied with a simple
mixture of one teaspoon of Johnson Baby Shampoo or any
liquid (Joy, Ivory) dish soap added to 32 onces of tap water.
Do not use any liquid dish soap that contains a degreaser.
VLT - Visible Light Transmittance: tells how much light can
pass through the film.  The lower the number, the darker
the film.
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